Saturday, January 26, 2008

First Post.

Hello, my name is Ulises Farinas. This is my art and culture and life review. It is a regular blog, meant for doing a very regular blog to voice my opinions on things concerning art and culture and life. That basically covers everything. Every week, i will write about a new subject that concerns me. Today, i will just outline what are my main interests and my general feelings about them.

Bad Movies:

Not just cult movies or b-movies, basically all movies that were made with little-to-no artistic merit, or budget, or just general flops and mistakes. Stuff without cult followings, stuff that just sits on the shelf at Blockbuster and people rent by accident. Things like "REDLINE" which i didn't even enjoy. I still paid full admission to see it though. I do like the cult followed movies too though, and good movies; but thoroughly bad movies are fascinating to me. And i'm gonna try to figure out what is good about them and why they fascinate me.


In the same vein of bad movies, i'm also fascinated by bad comics. But i'm also a bit more angry about the more popular ones, especially what i consider the most recent fiascos of Civil War and Spiderman: One More Day. Bullshit. It pisses me off pretty strongly. I no longer spend money on those comics for the most part, but i still wiki them and read them in the store. Does that make me a prick, for reading and griping but not buying? I dunno, but i think that mainstream comics can set the bar much higher for themselves and it'll only do the genre good and the business too.


I'm not a scientist, and i don't really pretend to. But i love strange scientific theories, even if i can't understand most of what is being theorized. Most of the stuff i try to keep up are things like Theories of Everything, string theory, M-Branes, multiverses, time travel, quantum mechanics, super giant things in the universe, astronomy in general, space exploration, and speculation about the future. Lots more stuff, but don't want to make a huge list. But whenever something really fascinates me, i'll talk about it and how it relates to me, my fiction, etc.


I think imagining, and creativity, and dreams are some of the most important things in the world. I often think that having dreams are THE MOST important thing in my life, and acting on them of course. Imagination is my best friend, and is my home when i'm fearful or insecure. Its protected me through a lot, and continues to enrich my life. I also hope that i can help many more others by offering this safe-haven of my imagination and helping them learn how to cultivate their imagination in their own lives. Especially children.

General Philosophies:

I think a lot about different ways of thinking and questions. Not to sound all pretentious and lame about it, but all those philosophical things like existence, determinism, altruism and what not are very important to me and how i choose to live my life. I'll try to make coherent arguments for and against things, but i'm not a philosophy major or anything so don't expect the most solid arguments. Oh well. I can only try to sound smart. Hah

and i think finally, Racism and Politics and everything close to that realm (economics, sociology):

Race is very important to me, it hurts. And growing up in a sort of mixed up household, sorta gave me a different perspective on race and class that i feel is pretty damn unique. First off; many have accused me of being racist myself, and i'll admit that a lot of my ideas are unorthodox. And i am racist. That doesn't mean i hate any race. And that is one of the main pillars of my ideas about racism. I won't begin to explain them here, in this post, because it warrants way more than just a blurb. But generally, i hold the opinion that everyone is racist. And its a hidden racism that is eating away the progress of the civil rights movement. But to calm all strongly beating hearts after this last paragraph, i consider Martin Luther King Jr. to be one of my biggest heroes in my life and i find solace in all his words. So there!

This is my first post. Next week, i'll begin by discussing the last B-Movie i saw; CLOVERFIELD. Only because its fresh in my mind, and i thought it was pretty cool and a very fresh take on an old genre.